Dryad (Apara) – Spirit Guide Visionary Art by Omanisa Ross


Omanisa “Dryad is the spirit of a tree. This particular portrait is of a River Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Scientific) / Apara (Pitjantjatjara). It lives in central Australia in an area known as Mparntwe to our First Nations people, Arrernte mob, who have lived here since the time of creation. These big sprawling trees can grow 30-40 metres high, and to 500 to 1000 years old.

Apara says ‘Your true wealth has to do with your connections and the development of wisdom through life experiences. Are you stretching your roots deep, your branches out wide, and knowing the land and people around you?’

Call on Apara when: 

  • You’re struggling to come to terms with aging, and focusing on the negative aspects of getting older rather than the benefits. 
  • You would like to learn how to love and accept your physical appearance as it is, rather than being brainwashed by cultural and social ideals shaped by marketing and modern media. 
  • You need help coming to terms with difficult experiences that have scarred you.  
  • You would like to become your best self, the highest version of yourself, and to conduct yourself with dignity, self-respect and humility.  
  • You would like to connect with the world around you in ways that are mutually beneficial and attract connections that reflect your worth and light back to you in nourishing ways.  

– Description extracted from Omanisa’s Spirit Guide Oracle Booklet –


This Spirit Guide Pendant features “Dryad (Apara),” an Original Artwork by Visionary Artist Omanisa.

To learn more about her interpretation of “Dryad (Apara)” contact Omanisa & arrange pre-order of her new Oracle Set


Pendant Manufacturing by Mikiah Storm


This product is a collaboration between Mother (Omanisa) and Daughter (Mikiah). Designed and Manufactured by two Reiki Masters, it is infused with Healing Intentions at every stage of production. Our hope is that you feel the love we poured into this creation, and use it as a physical anchor to the frequencies you want to reinforce within yourself.


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