Flower Budder #01 (Circle) from Geometric Dreaming – Necklace for Growth, Creation & Collaboration


“Creations creating creations” is the motto of the Flower Budder, a Sacred Geometric symbol for Evolution. Those attracted to this piece are ‘Flower Buddies,’ who thrive when creating, connecting and collaborating. They perceive gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, plants, minerals and elements as components of the Ecosystem of The ALL, separate yet interwoven. Flower Budder supports symbiosis, and sets the foundation for individual and collective growth. Seeds given sufficient Water, Light, Space & Time will develop Flowers.

A necklace of the Original “Flower Budder” painting from the “Geometric Dreaming” Art Series by Mikiah Storm.

Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless Steel and Enamel Coating

Colour shade may vary.

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“It begins with a Seed Sowing my Intention
The Seed is Watered
And exposed to the Light
Roots expand into Space
Provided by the Earth
As time progresses
The Seed grows into a Plant
Watching, Watching, Watching
A flower is appearing
One followed by the second Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth
I am one who Witnesses the process of Expansion
I See the Evolution of Life
Creations creating creations
I am a Flower Budder”

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