Fox Spirit – Spirit Guide Visionary Art by Omanisa Ross


Omanisa “Fox Spirit enhances our discernment and intuition so we can tell the difference between one thing and another and we don’t get our wires crossed

Fox Spirit says “I will help you ‘read between the lines’. Be discerning about who and what you invite into your life, your space, your home.” 

They are also a wise teacher and mentor who encourages you to leave your mark, leave an impression, leave something of value for those coming up the path behind you.

“Let your descendants remember you and your essence clearly, truthfully, and share with them the most important lessons you have learned about life,” says Fox Spirit.  

Call on Fox Spirit when: 

  • You want to show your appreciation for the help you received from your elders when you were young by following in their footsteps and mentoring people less experienced than you. 
  • You would like to leave something of lasting value for your descendants, and to be remembered by them. 
  • You would like help getting to the heart of the matter, rather than rushing in blindly (especially if you’re about to sign a contract).  
  • Other people keep ‘pulling the wool over your eyes’ or ‘pulling a swifty’ on you ie tricking you, hiding things from you, being sneaky and deceptive. 
  • Taking a more direct, straightforward approach to something isn’t working, so you need to think outside the square and be more subtle and strategic.  

– Description extracted from Omanisa’s Spirit Guide Oracle Booklet –


This Spirit Guide Pendant features “Fox Spirit,” an Original Artwork by Visionary Artist Omanisa.

To learn more about her interpretation of “Fox Spirit” contact Omanisa & arrange pre-order of her new Oracle Set


Pendant Manufacturing by Mikiah Storm


This product is a collaboration between Mother (Omanisa) and Daughter (Mikiah). Designed and Manufactured by two Reiki Masters, it is infused with Healing Intentions at every stage of production. Our hope is that you feel the love we poured into this creation, and use it as a physical anchor to the frequencies you want to reinforce within yourself.


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