Gypsy Rose – Spirit Guide Visionary Art by Omanisa Ross


Omanisa “Gypsy Rose can cast spells and weave illusions, letting people see what it suits her they see. She’s quite the magician, good at diverting and focusing other people’s attention. She doesn’t like to be ‘pinned down’ or pigeon-holed. She likes to keep people guessing, because that gives her freedom and power comes with that freedom. Gypsy Rose reminds you to keep your options open, to bide your time and pick your moments.

Call on Gypsy Rose when:
• Your freedom and privacy is important to you and you would like to cultivate a chameleon-like ability to fade into the background and disappear when necessary.
• You would like to hide some things about yourself without betraying, disrespecting or turning your back on who you are and where you’ve come from.
• You have an interest in magic, wicca, spell-crafting, ceremony, and ritual.
• You feel like you don’t fit in and belong, you aren’t accepted by mainstream society, and/or authority figures disapprove of you because you refuse to conform.
• You would like to become more charismatic, enchanting, mesmerising, alluring or intriguingly mysterious.”


– Description extracted from Omanisa’s Spirit Guide Oracle Booklet –


This Spirit Guide Pendant features “Gypsy Rose,” an Original Artwork by Visionary Artist Omanisa.

To learn more about her interpretation of “Gypsy Rose” contact Omanisa & arrange pre-order of her new Oracle Set


Pendant Manufacturing by Mikiah Storm


This product is a collaboration between Mother (Omanisa) and Daughter (Mikiah). Designed and Manufactured by two Reiki Masters, it is infused with Healing Intentions at every stage of production. Our hope is that you feel the love we poured into this creation, and use it as a physical anchor to the frequencies you want to reinforce within yourself.


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