Imprint Setter #05 (Circle) – Sacred Geometry and Light Language – Intention Setting, Third Eye Activation, Clairvoyance


Beings attracted to “Imprint Setter” are Peace Seekers with a desire to be of Service.

It is ideal for Light Workers and those who practice Energy Clearing and Activation, as it “Sets” and “Anchors” a frequency of Love.

The wearer of this Necklace is guided into the Sovereignty of their Soul’s Truth, and encouraged to use their Intention to Imprint on their Environment.

Imprint Setter Harmonizes All to achieve Maximum Flow in a Space.

“Imprint Setter” acts as a ‘pocket dial’ calibrating a Space to match the intention of your Higher Heart.


“I am an Imprint Setter
One who Calibrates the Energy of a Space
In accordance with your Higher Heart

I Manifest your Soul’s Intention
By Synchronizing the many aspects
Of your Multidimensional Personality

In 3rd Dimensional Reality
I Clear: Releasing Old Imprints
I Activate: Receiving New Imprints

I adjust my Environment

I am the Central Meeting Point
Where 12 Dimensions Harmonize
In accordance with your Intention

I am an Imprint Setter
One who Calibrates the Energy of a Space”


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Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel, Glass

Please select preferred material for necklace chain:
– Stainless Steel
– Black Nylon
– Sterling Silver Plated Snake
– Sterling Silver Plated Box
– Sterling Silver Plated Rope

Product is handmade, and so image positioning and colour shade may vary.

#05 of “Imprint Setter” is a digitally altered version of the original painting.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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