Light Bringer #00 (Circle) from Geometric Dreaming – Necklace to Anchor the Channeling of Lightworkers


Are you a Vessel for Spirit? A Conduit, A Channel for Light?
A Spiritual Messenger with a Mission to serve Humanity?
This “Light Bringer” necklace is a potent Golden Ray Activator, reinforcing Claircogzience (Clear Knowing).
An amplifier of Divine Insight, it penetrates all that is dark and Awakens dormant pathways to Source.

The “Light Bringer” delivers a frequency of Aligned, Focused, Purpose Driven Power.

A trimmed replication of the Original “Light Bringer” painting from the “Geometric Dreaming” Art Series by Mikiah Storm.

Square shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel
Glass Cabochon

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“I am the Light Bringer I hear you Pray
I meet Darkness At light of Day.
I am Catharsis Keep fear at Bay
I am the Light Bringer
Assigned to the Mind Of Human-kind
I am a Light Bringer
Piercing the Darkness,

Revealing Illusion,

Freeing the Mind”

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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