Old Man Turtle – Spirit Guide Visionary Art by Omanisa Ross


Omanisa: “The turtle in this sketch is a rain-maker, an ocean-elder who works with the cleansing, clearing energy of salt water, using it to wash old wounds clean. Old Man Turtle also calls himself the storm-clearer or storm-navigator. He swims within the ocean and flies above it through the clouds, smoothly navigating around and through the storms that might stir trouble in our hearts. Water is often used as a metaphor for emotions and storms can represent emotional troubles and conflict, whether that’s within us or between ourselves and others. This ancient grandfather spirit helps people get to the core of the issue when there is tension, using his fins like fans to clear the air.

Call on Old Man Turtle when:

  • You have a storm brewing in your heart, or in the space between you and a loved one.
  • You’re drowning in grief or anger and can’t find inner peace.
  • You can’t work out whether you need to “live and let live” or take a stand and make a fuss.
  • You can’t seem to get all the different parts of your life to flow, balance and harmonise.
  • You would like to recover some lost or buried part of you.”

– Description extracted from Omanisa’s Spirit Guide Oracle Booklet –


This Spirit Guide Pendant features “Old Man Turtle,” an Original Artwork by Visionary Artist Omanisa.

To learn more about her interpretation of “Old Man Turtle” contact Omanisa & arrange pre-order of her new Oracle Set


Pendant Manufacturing by Mikiah Storm


This product is a collaboration between Mother (Omanisa) and Daughter (Mikiah). Designed and Manufactured by two Reiki Masters, it is infused with Healing Intentions at every stage of production. Our hope is that you feel the love we poured into this creation, and use it as a physical anchor to the frequencies you want to reinforce within yourself.


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High Quality Matt Paper

Glass Cabochon

Stainless Steel Bezel



35 x 25 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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