Puzzle Integrator #01 (Square) from Geometric Dreaming – Sacred Geometry & Light Language Necklace for Integration, Organization & Clarity


One sign, one piece of the puzzle – that’s all it takes to achieve clarity!
Wearing a Puzzle Integrator necklace encourages the wearer to take a step back and perceive the “Bigger Picture,” and accept what is in or out of their control. When confused, a person might ask the Puzzle Integrator “What’s really going on here?” and an aspect of the Grand Design will reveal. Questions stimulate the Integration of scattered Pieces, providing Clear Sight where once there was Confusion.
Remember, Puzzle Integrator: “All the Pieces are Aligning to what I am Designing”

A cropped version of the Original “Puzzle Integrator” painting from the “Geometric Dreaming” Art Series by Mikiah Storm.

Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel
Enamel coating finish
50cm chain

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“The Picture I’m designing is Grander than before

I am a Puzzle Integrator

One who perceives each Piece of the Picture in relation to the whole.

My Vision is Precise I see where each Piece fits

I am a Master of Order

I know: the pieces are integrating.

Everything is coming together in Divine Timing.

The picture I’m designing is Grander than before”

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