Sacred Gardener – Spirit Guide Visionary Art by Omanisa Ross


Omanisa “In this spirit guide painting, we have two scenes, sitting side by side. On the left we can see a portrait of the Sacred Gardener and the wisteria flowers he is tending. The image on the right is a wide-angle image of the Sacred Gardener raking fallen flowers, with two wisteria trees in the background growing up and over a trellis that supports them. The Sacred Gardener is guardian spirit who watches over garden fairies and gardeners. He teaches us about the Garden of Life and guides those who are consciously tending the garden of their own health and wellbeing.

What you learn in the garden, from observing and interacting with Nature as a gardener, is wisdom that can be applied in other areas of your life.

Successful gardeners accept, honour and harmonise with the changing seasons.

Sacred Gardener: “Shed the past and let go of what is spent so you don’t become stagnant. Keep the cycle of life flowing: take the fallen leaves, flowers, and fruit of your losses and turn them into compost for future plantings. Trim away the dead wood in your life, but don’t to be too ruthless: salvage what you can.”

Call on the Sacred Gardener when:

  • You’re a gardener, you want more of a ‘green thumb’, or you want to enhance your connection with plants as an herbalist, chef, nutritionist etc.
  • You’re recovering from illness, suffering from a chronic disease or chronic pain, and you are working on improving your health and self-care.
  • You need support but you don’t know how to ask for it or receive it.
  • You’re fussing over something or someone too much and it’s proving counter-productive.
  • You need to rehabilitate some part of your life and this will necessitate a bit or weeding or trimming away what can’t be salvaged, and learning to work in harmony with the natural cycles of life.

– Description extracted from Omanisa’s Spirit Guide Oracle Booklet –


This Spirit Guide Pendant features “Sacred Gardener,” an Original Artwork by Visionary Artist Omanisa.

To learn more about her interpretation of “Sacred Gardener” contact Omanisa & arrange pre-order of her new Oracle Set


Pendant Manufacturing by Mikiah Storm


This product is a collaboration between Mother (Omanisa) and Daughter (Mikiah). Designed and Manufactured by two Reiki Masters, it is infused with Healing Intentions at every stage of production. Our hope is that you feel the love we poured into this creation, and use it as a physical anchor to the frequencies you want to reinforce within yourself.


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High Quality Matt Paper

Glass Cabochon

Stainless Steel Bezel



35 x 25 mm

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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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