Seed Weaver #04 (Circle) from Geometric Dreaming – Spider Spirit Necklace for Creativity, Connection & Manifestation, Spider Spirit –


Crafted as a representation of The Web of Life, the intricate fabric of Energy that Connects All That Is.
This necklace is designed to reinforce the Reality Creator mindset within the wearer, encouraging them to Plant Seeds of Inspiration in their environment. It reminds powerful beings of Unified Manifestation and Synchronicity. All those with whom you cross paths are Co-Creators, so pay attention to the insights of others.

A digital alteration (V01) of Seed Weaver, a painting from the “Geometric Dreaming” Art Series by Mikiah Storm.

Circle shape
25mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel
Glass Cabochon

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“Seed Weaver” spins the Strands of the Web of Life, forming Highways of Silver Light
The Web is Great; Carrying the Wisdom of Existence –
A Place of Insight for those who Know how to Navigate it.

All travel to their Destination via the Highways of Silver Light

There are Sections to Visit,
And Intersections along the way.
Choices to be made:
What do I learn? Where do I go? Who do I See?
When do I get there? How does it happen?

Listen to the Reverberation of each Strand traveled,
The “Seed Weaver” is Whispering Wisdom,
Planting Seeds for Reality Creators”

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