Seed Weaver #17 (Circle) – Spider Spirit, Vesica Piscis – Sacred Geometry and Light Language Pendant


Crafted as a representation of The Web of Life, the intricate fabric of Energy that Connects All That Is.

Seed Weaver is designed to reinforce the Reality Creator mindset within the wearer, encouraging them to Plant Seeds of Inspiration in their environment.

It reminds powerful beings of Unified Manifestation and Synchronicity.

“Architects of Reality
I am a Seed Weaver

I see the Great Web,
Interconnecting All

We are Multi-Dimensional
We are Infinite

“Which seeds do I Plant?”
The Choices are Ours

Set Intentions and Prioritize
Plant your Seeds and Water them

I recognize all Possibilities
I know: the Choices are Ours

I am a Seed Weaver,
One who Weaves their Reality”

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Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel, Glass

Please select preferred material for necklace chain:
– Stainless Steel
– Black Nylon
– Silver Plated Snake
– Silver Plated Box
– Silver Plated Rope

Due to screen calibration, real colour shade may vary slightly from pictures.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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