Star of Life #03 (Circle)- Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life Pendant for Authenticity & Vitality


As a Master Healer, the Spirit of “Star of Life” restores Vitality and realigns Beings with their Authenticity.

The “Star of Life” efficiently scans the Aura , checking for any leaks or siphoning of Life Force Energy, ceasing all immediately. They gently encase the Heart in a cocoon, where it safely beats to the rhythm of Life: “I am Creation”.

Breathe into the Heart, and say “I deserve to be a Star of Life”.

It is our right to Create a Life that allows us to shine in who we are.

Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel, Glass

Please select preferred material for necklace chain:
– Stainless Steel
– Black Nylon
– Silver Plated Snake
– Silver Plated Box
– Silver Plated Rope

Due to screen calibration, real colour shade may vary slightly from pictures.

This product has been quality tested, and is quite resistant to moisture.
However, to ensure a long lasting relationship with your pendant please avoid exposing pendant to water.

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Welcome the Master Healer, Star of Life!

“I invite you into my Heart for rejuvination,
The replenishment of vitality and life Force
The reinforcement of who I am

I ask you to seal any leaks or siphoning of energy,
And return any and all misplaced energies to my Heart

Encase my Heart in a safety cocoon,
Where it can beat to the rhythm of Life:
“I am Creation”

“To receive my blessing place your left hand on Chest,
Breathe in slowly and say:
‘I deserve to be a Star of Life
It is my right to Create a Life
One that allows me to Shine in who I am’”

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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 2 cm


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