Star of Remembrance #03 (Circle) – Sacred Geometry & Light Language Necklace for Truth, Sovereignty & Freedom


“Star of Remembrance” is a stellar activation portal for light workers!
SOR helps these individuals remember, express and embody their Soul’s Mission.


– Sacred Geometry from Metatron’s Cube
“Blueprint for Existence” designed by the “Scribe of Life” and keeper of Akashic Records
Holds history of ALL THAT IS.

– Mightnight Blue Sky, speckled with White Stars
Embracing the magic of mystery
Accessing the infinite Void, where everything is possible.
New potentials (White) and ideas (Gold) arising from the unknown
Accepting life phases, including death & transition
Re-birthing a new self, after facing the Shadows of the “Dark Night of the Soul”
Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Mediumship and Psycopomp abilities

– Silver Hexagons
No wasted space or energy, the most efficient shape.
Cord cutting, cleansing, psychic protection and a precise manner of speech.

– Freedom Blue Stars
(Seal of Solomon/Star of David/Creator’s Star)
Two opposing equilateral triangles, one pointing to ascension and the other to descension.
One is Human Nature, the other is Divine Nature
As above, so below. What happens on Earth is reflected in the Stars, and vice versa.

Freedom, expansion and liberation from expectations of others.
Committed to personal truth, sovereignty: “I know who I am and what I’m here to do”.
Linked to throat chakra, and therefore clairaudience.

-Gold Lines
Claiming space, personal power and direction in life.
Sovereignty in thinking and being.

Self confidence:
“Everything I touch turns to Gold”

Arriving to Earth on Consignment from the Central Sun.
Being on the forefront of the New Age Movement.
Ability to lead and influence people through being self:
“This is my Birthright”

Representing the Soul’s journey across the Universe, and incarnation on Earth.
Connecting various dimensions, and enhancing transmission of information.

A reminder that ones positioning in Space and Time is linked to EVERYTHING:
“I am always HOME. My family is with me”
“We are ALL ONE”

-Gold Coding
Divine Masculine/God, Sirius
Distributing data from Central Sun across the Universe

When passing through Midnight Blue:
“Light/information is EVERYWHERE, even in the DARK/disinformation”

– Silver Coding
Divine Feminine/Goddess, Faerie Realms, Alcyone (Pleiades)

**See description below for details about product specifications**

Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel, Glass

Please select preferred material for necklace chain:
304 Stainless Steel Chain 17.7″(45cm) long, 2mm wide ($0)
Nylon, Black with Platinum Alloy Lobster Clasps 18.7″ (47.5cm) long, 2mm wide. Adjustable length. ($0)
925 Silver Plated Snake Chain 18″ (45.7cm) long, 1mm wide (+$10.00)
925 Silver Plated Box Chain 20″ (50.8cm) long, 2mm wide (+$15.00) – LIMITED STOCK
925 Silver Plated Rope Chain 18″ (45.7cm) long, 3mm wide (+$15.00) – LIMITED STOCK

Due to screen calibration, real colour shade may vary slightly from pictures.

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Look to the Sky and Remember

A Star shining Silver, Gold and Blue
It’s a Place to Call Home, Forever
Visit to make yourself Anew

Rest your Mind at the Gateway
Return Home, kindred Soul
Remember who you are,
And what your mission is

Why did you embark on this adventure?
What is it you wish to explore?
The Star of Remembrance is Here to Guide
Live into your Highest Vision & Express yourself!

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