Water Navigator #00 from Geometric Dreaming for Emotional Healing, Stress Relief, Mindfulness & Tranquility


Emotions can be unpredictable, and challenging to manage. The Water Navigator maneuvers through precarious situations with ease, flowing with Emotions as a Surfer does a Wave. Are you balancing the polarities of the human experience? Steering your Vessel through the Motions of the Ocean? A Captain of your Life, choosing how to react to the Ever-changing moment. Wearing a Water Navigator necklace invokes a state of internal stability & tranquility regardless of life circumstance.

Circle shape
30mm diameter
Material: Stainless steel
Enamel coating finish
50cm chain

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“The currents take me where I need to go

I am a Water Navigator One who has a sense of direction,

Immersed in the fluidity of life

I Navigate through still, flowing or rapid waters

I am a Master of the Waves

I am stable during emotional turbulence

I observe actions and reactions & choose how to respond

I float on the currents of emotion, without being dragged under

I am a Water Navigator

The currents take me where I need to go”

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