Fellow traveller, you have arrived at the gateways of time and space.

We are in a time outside of time, a liminal place.

If you look around you will find a series of gates that open to unique worlds.​

What is Geometric Dreaming?

This project is designed to simplify philosophical concepts that appear complex, and even mysterious.

Geometric Dreaming maps 22 archetypes imbedded into the collective consciousness. With each archetype representing a way of thinking/speaking/acting, it acts as reference point for a particular quality of the human experience. 

By defining these key archetypes, bridges are seen and gateways open. Geometric Dreaming will either unlock gateways to new worlds or show you that you already have the key. Either way, it acts as a map for efficient referencing – enhancing your ability to communicate where you have been, and where you are going. 

Geometric Dreaming is developing a new language for discussing self-inquiry, one that reduces the number of words we need to use to be understood.

Geometric Dreaming is a key to unlocking a new way of interacting with the collective consciousness.

It is a tool that helps people…

  • see themselves, and others clearly
  • discern skills, and blind spots
  • identify current position in time and space, and assess where they want to go
  • remember, and integrate past aspects of themselves
  • recognise if there is a discrepancy between their expression, and self identity
  • recalibrate their internal and external space to align with a desired frequency
  • recognize the collaborative benefits of both similarly and difference
  • have complex conversations with less words
  • normalise the mystical and interact with it in practical ways

Who is Mikiah Storm?

As a multi-dimensional artist, Mikiah creates bridges between diverse artistic disciplines. She seeks to express herself in as many ways as possible. Mikiah endeavors to create art that reflects the gratitude she feels toward being alive. She embraces life as an exquisite, collaborative masterpiece. You will instantaneously notice her infectious, playful disposition. Mikiah plays roles in life that invigorate her. She appreciates the structure that comes from writing a script, and the spontaneity of improvisation. 

Mikiah began  working with clients in 2017, offering a fusion of Aura Colour Cards readings, Reiki (energy healing) and Massage. She then created Soul Quest, an inner world journeying system inspired by her knowledge of the Aura Colours. Her current focus is the Geometric Dreaming project, which is a fusion of Aura Colour Therapy & Sacred Geometry.

Other artistic realms Mikiah has explored: Performing Arts (Acting, Dancing, Singing), Martial Arts (Taiji, Wing Chun, Budjinkan, Southern Mantis), Healing Arts (Reiki, Multidimensional Conductor, Gaian Healing), Movement Arts (Yoga, Fire Spinning, Contemporary & Ecstatic Dance).


Aura Colour Therapy

Rainbow Family


The Aura Colour Cards are a database of 88 colour frequencies that symbolize mind-body states. Mikiah’s mother, Omanisa developed this system in 2002, and has since used it to help clients and teach students. Omanisa taught Mikiah how to read the Aura Colour Cards when she was 8 years old. The knowledge Omanisa imparted to Mikiah forms the foundation for her work. The Geometric Dreaming project is the next iteration of the Aura Colour Cards, and the Gift of the Rainbow that has been passed through Mikiah’s lineage. 

Mikiah is a 3rd generation psychic colour healer, with life-long experience in the imaginal realms. Her maternal grandmother Shell journeys into her inner world, and returns with detailed stories of her adventures. Shell’s method for healing is the visualisation of rainbows. This is a gift she passed onto her daughter, Omanisa, who then passed it to Mikiah.


Mother + Daughter

Omanisa is an Australian naturopath with over 27 years experience working as a spiritual counsellor and Qi-based healer who specialises in reading the aura. Drawing on her expertise in the art of using spiritual tools and philosophies for healing, trauma recovery, stress management and personal growth, Om’s has crafted her own unique modality, “Spirit Medicine“, which blends ancient healing wisdom from worldwide cultures with naturopathy and psychology. Most of Om’s consults feature herbal medicine, colour therapy, creative visualisation, and therapeutic story-telling, rich with metaphors!

Mother and daughter team Omanisa Ross and Mikiah Storm come from a long line of artists and healers. They specialise in colour therapy, story-telling, visionary art, energy work and the creation of therapeutic spiritual resources that help people learn and grow through sacred play.

Mikiah and Om will be hosting a stand at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in late February 2024 and providing readings. Omanisa will be bringing her Rainbow Medicine card and book set, Rainbow Remedies (20 herbal chakra tonics), Aura Cards and Spirit Guide oracle cards. Mikiah will be showcasing her Geometric
Dreaming artwork and jewellery.