"Geometric Dreaming"

Mikiah Storm - Visual Artist


The “Geometric Dreaming” project has been a wonderful opportunity for me to rediscover Visual Art. Pursuing my childhood dreams of being an Artist and creating these Sacred Geometry artwork has been the perfect platform for me to share my personal reflections on the human experience. The transition from working as a 1-on-1 counsellor and healer to focusing the same energy into creating Art & Art Products has allowed me to reach and impact so many more people. I am thrilled to be one of many Artists who encourage self-inquiry into multi-dimensional experiences and higher consciousness.

Mox Multiverse - Music Producer


The music from “Geometric Dreaming” came about as a series of improvised experimental pieces, inspired by the Digital Kaleidoscope Animations created by Mikiah Storm. I took the videos into my studio, and watched them on a loop while I played my electric guitar sounds. The recordings developed in this way as I built up multi-track projects, feeling into the energy of each piece to create something that captured the essence of what Mikiah has expressed through her Visual Art and Animations. “Geometric Dreaming” has been a fantastic project for me to develop my audio engineering skills. 

Puzzle Integrator

One sign, one piece of the puzzle – sometimes that’s all it takes to achieve clarity!
Puzzle Integrator encourages individuals to take a step back and perceive the “Bigger Picture,” and accept what is in or out of their control. When confused, a person might ask the Puzzle Integrator “What’s really going on here?” and an aspect of the Grand Design will reveal. Questions stimulate the Integration of scattered Pieces, providing Clear Sight where once there was Confusion.
Remember, Puzzle Integrator: “All the Pieces are Aligning to what I am Designing”

Water Navigator

Emotions can be unpredictable, and challenging to manage.
The Water Navigator maneuvers through precarious situations with ease, flowing with Emotions as a Surfer does a Wave. Are you balancing the polarities of the human experience? Steering your Vessel through the Motions of the Ocean? A Captain of your Life, choosing how to react to the Ever-changing moment.
Water Navigator invokes a state of internal stability & tranquility regardless of life circumstance.

Seed Weaver

Crafted as a representation of The Web of Life, the intricate fabric of Energy that Connects All That Is.
Seed Weaver is designed to reinforce the Reality Creator mindset within the wearer, encouraging them to Plant Seeds of Inspiration in their environment. It reminds powerful beings of Unified Manifestation and Synchronicity.
All those with whom you cross paths are Co-Creators, so pay attention to the insights of others.

Imprint Setter

Beings attracted to Imprint Setter are Peace Seekers with a desire to be of Service. 

It is ideal for Light Workers and those who practice Energy Clearing and Activation, as it “Sets” and “Anchors” a frequency of Love. Imprint Setter guides individuals into the Sovereignty of their Soul’s Truth, and encouraged to use their Intention to Imprint on their Environment. 

Imprint Setter Harmonizes All to achieve Maximum Flow in a Space.

Light Bringer

The Light Bringer delivers a frequency of Aligned, Focused, Purpose Driven Power.

Are you a Vessel for Spirit? A Conduit, A Channel for Light?
A Spiritual Messenger with a Mission to serve Humanity?

The Light Bringer is here to amplify  Divine Insight,  penetrating all that is dark and Awakening dormant pathways to Source. It is a powerful Golden Ray Activator, accentuating the Clear Knowing of Lightworkers.

Flower Budder

“Creations creating creations” is the motto of the Flower Budder, a Sacred Geometric symbol for Evolution.

Those attracted to this piece are ‘Flower Buddies,’ who thrive when creating, connecting and collaborating. They perceive gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, plants, minerals and elements as components of the Ecosystem of The ALL, separate yet interwoven. Flower Budder supports symbiosis, and sets the foundation for individual and collective growth.

Seeds given sufficient Water, Light, Space & Time will develop Flowers.

Gateways of Time and Space

Calling all Multi-Dimensional Travelers to the Gateways of Time and Space – the Place between Worlds.

The Gateways of Time and Space is a Portal to All That Is, a Guide to  journeying through Universal Space Time. It encourages individuals to still the mind, focus their intention and ultimately be present in the now. In doing so, the Gateways of Time and Space assists with efficiency and decision making.

Those who dwell at the Gateways of Time and Space know that the Place is Here and Time is Now, and therefore the All is within reach.